Live at Mosten Raceday – 2017 –

Today our album "Live at Mosten Raceday - 2017" is released on - Spotify, Itunes, Tidal and many more...

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JB Records press release:

JB Records proudly presents:

(JB Records JB014)

JB Records is proud and absolutely thrilled to announce the release of this live album from one of Denmarks finest young bluesbands. Big O & The Blue Quarters have been working the Danish bluesscene for 4 years now, with increasing popularity, gaining more and more respect due to their dedication, skills, good vibe, and as they put it themselves, good looks.

The band thrilled the audience on the opening night of The European Blues Challenge 2017, which was hosted in Horsens Denmark, hometown of most bandmembers. The music drew cheers from the crowd, that consisted of musicians and blueslovers from all over Europe.

This, and many other succesfull live-acts on several festivals, big as well as small venues, inspired the band ”to let the tapes roll” on this one summernight during their gig at ”Mosten Raceday 2017”.
What you hear is 13 tracks, 7 of them being original ”Big O” material. The rest are great and personal covers of true blues classics.

You hear Jais K. Eriksen on bas, putting down the groove together with Mathias Rindom on the drums. Oscar ”Big O” Eriksen is high on vocals and harp. And last, but not least, the two guitar players Søren Schack and Frederik Tygesen, by many considered two of the very finest bluesplayers in the younger generation in Danish bluesmusic. They throw in some inspired, agressive, heartfelt, high energetic and absolutely fearless guitarwork on these two-track recordings, which took place on 31th of August, absolutely live, no overdubs!

”LIVE AT MOSTEN 2017” is hitting every digital platform on October 15th, 2017.
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So let’s congratulate these youngsters with this release, and give them a big and thankful hug for keeping the blues alive.

JB Records. October 2017