OscarBig O” Eriksen grew up with blues and jazz blasting through the living room’s floorspeakers. Initialy he started out playing in a band with Søren in 2. grade. At that time Oscar was behind the drums and Søren on the bass. Oscar and Søren meets the blues just about the same time and Oscar got a harp, Søren a guitar and together they started “Oscars Bluesband” about 4 years ago. Now both are focusing on Big O & The Blue Quarters.

Plays with: Big O & The Blue Quarters, Det Hyggelige Bluesband (The Cozy Bluesband)

Has played with: Oscar’s Bluesband

Biggest inspirations: Ray Charles, Robert Cray, Muddy Waters og T-Bone walker

Born: 1989 – On a stormy monday…